Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rambo V: A personal update by Stallone

Stevo here...

Check out the latest information that gives us an update on the latest Rambo and a rough guide as to what we can expect to see. All in the words of the great man, Sylvester Stallone...

"It's Sly, I appreciate you posting that but I think there has been one slight confusion regards of all the talk about, I think of a majority of all these individules misunderstood, it not a Universal Soldier. It's not me fighting some super soldier. It's actually a fural beast, it's a thing, it's this amalgination of fury and intelligence and pure unadulterated rage. It's before men became human. This is when they were still inhuman and so what he confronts is something that is everyones virtual nightmare. But in no sense of the word does he go against quote the Dolph Lungren or Claude Van Damme universal super soldier. This is, he's like going against the fural beast that has absolute cunning and intelligence and a will to survive that is only matched by Rambo's and thats what makes it uniquely different. It's like, like mans concience fighting his dark dangerous uncontrolled subconscience. Very simalir to the plot in Forbidden Planet when the Doctor couldn't contol his mind and his subconcious took over became a savage killing machine large very similar to this. So I wish somehow or even take this message you could convey to people that what they assume is Stallone or Rambo battleing a squad of super soldiers. Just the opposite it's your your worst nightmare. Your'e battling your primative self and which has alot more cunning and, and power than you could have ever imagened so thats about it. Anyway thankyou bye."

Boy does this sound good.

He also released a one sheet for Rambo V which I have added below. It shows the title of the movie as being Rambo V The Savage Hunt.

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